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Asked by our four-pawed guests!

I’m in season / pregnant / un-neutered, can I stay with you?

Unfortunately you cannot stay with us if you are in season or pregnant, though we do take un-spayed females.
You also cannot stay with us if you are a new guest who is male and un-neutered / not chemically castrated (unless you are 9 months or younger). We may review this policy again in future, so feel free to check in with us at a later date.

I’m a puppy… and still learning to type with my paws! Am I old enough to stay with you?

That's adorable! You can only stay with us overnight if you are 6 months or older, however you can visit us for puppy play days if you are a pup between 3 and 6 months.

I’m not a dachshund! Can I still stay with you?

We specialise in care for dachshunds, however we do take other small dog breeds if you are from another household as a dachshund or are very socialised with dachshunds. We can only accept one non-dachshund at a time and we do not take large breeds of dog, for the comfort of our smaller guests.

Do I need to be vaccinated to stay with you?

You MUST be vaccinated to stay with us, including a vaccination against Kennel Cough which might mean a…trip…to…the…vets at least two weeks before meeting with us. We also require proof of recent flea and worm treatments.

Do you use cages or crates?

We don’t use cages or our own crates. We can use a crate if this is what you are used to sleeping in but this must be supplied by your human.

How many friends will I be staying with?

We have two very friendly resident dachshunds who will welcome you with open paws. We also only accept a small number of guests at one time so we can really TAIL-or our care to you.

Will I be left on my own?

You're barking up the wrong tree! No, we will be at home with you the whole time.

Can you send my human updates?

Yes of course. We will give your human at least one update, including photo(s) or video(s), per day (unless they would rather have a break from you!). We don’t mind if they want to check in on you in-between, however we do ask them to be patient with replies as we may be busy looking after other guests.

This sounds like a ball! How do I book?

You will need to ask your human to contact us using the contact form on our website. We will then get back to them with our availability.

If you are a new guest, we will first require a trial meeting in a public place before you visit our home, and for overnight stays an additional trial overnight. This is to ensure you will be happy staying with us, and our resident dachshunds will be happy with you!

I’m saving my pennies for treats. Do you offer any discounts?

We love our NHS, Emergency Services and Armed Forces so offer 10% discount for NHS / Police / Fire / Military personnel with valid proof of ID.

We also offer 10% discount for households with multiple sausages. 

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